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Visiting Professorship 2013-2015 for Senior International Scientists fo Chinese Academy of Sciences (Shenyang Institute of Automation -Shenyang - RP China)

Didier THEILLIOL Professor at University of Lorraine, within CRAN. He is co-leader of CID research group (around 40 permanent researchers).  he co-ordinates and leads national, European and International R&D projects. His current research interests include model-based FDI method synthesis and active FTC system design for LTI, LPV, Multi-linear systems. He has advised 14 PhD students and published over 50 international journals papers/200 international conference papers and a book entitled ‘ Fault-tolerant Control Systems: Design and Practical Applications’ (2009). He is currently an AE of ISA Transactions Journal, Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems and International Journal of Applied Mathematics & Computer Science. He was Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Reliability (2013-2016) and Unmanned Systems journal (2012-2017). Didier Theilliol was the General Chair and Program Chair of various international conferences sponsored by IEEE and IFAC (Systol, ICUAS, MED, ACD). He is one of European Advanced Control and Diagnosis (EACD) and SysTol Association steering committee members. He was also the editor of two special issues on FTC in IJACSP 2012 & IJAMCS 2012, an workshops on FTC in ICUAS2016, IFAC 2014, ECC 2013, ACC 2012. contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Please watch a recent video of research work : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wGC0M_fDaY&feature=youtu.be



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