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  • Expertise areas and Research interests:

- Application and theory of control engineering

- Model-based fault diagnosis methods design (Linear, Multi-linear approach, LPV systems)

- Industrial process fault monitoring

- Fault Tolerant Control design (Fault accommodation, Reconfiguration strategy, Recovery trajectory)

- Reliability Analysis for FDI and FTC

- Expertise in Metal Processing, Waste Water Treatement and Aerial/Aerospace System

- October 2017 – International Conference on Unmanned Systems, ICUS 2017, October 2017, China, Self-Healing control Methods for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  under actuator/sensor faults - Didier THEILLIOL

- September 2015 – 36th International Summer School  of Automatic Control, Grenoble France :
Survey talk: Fault detection and fault tolerant control
Survey Talk: Panorama of fault detection and isolation methods. Positioning of the set theoretic methods in the landscape
Survey talk: Panorama of fault tolerant control methods. Positioning of the set theoretic methods in the landscape

- September 2015 – 12th Diagnosis of Processes and Systems, DPS 2015, , Poland, Bayesian Networks Application to the Dependability of Multi-State Systems - Philippe WEBER and Didier THEILLIOL

- November 2014 – 11th European Workshop on Advanced Control and Diagnosis, ACD 2014, Berlin, Germany - Fault-Tolerant Control Methods for Unmanned Aircraft based on Reliability - Didier THEILLIOL and Philippe WEBER

-  October 2012 - Conference on Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control organized by ISA France.

- -September 2012 - Conference on "Model-based Fault Tolerant Control Methods Design: From Theory to Applications" organized by Shenyang Institute of Automation - Shenyang - RP China.

- September 2011 - Conference on 10th Diagnosis of Processes and Systems, Zamosck, Poland – ”Design of Fault-Tolerant Control and Fault Diagnosis Methods based on Reliability

- July 2010 – Summer School  in CENIDET, Cuernavaca, Mexico supported by AMCA - ”Fault diagnosis and fault accommodation in metal processing – Practical issues

- September 2008 – Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, supported by IEEE – ”Fault Tolerant Control System Design based on Reliability Analysis under Dynamic Behaviour Constraints”

- July 2007 – Spring School  in Barcelona, UPC,  Spain – ”Fault diagnosis and fault tolerant control using reliability analysis”

  • Positions:

- 2004-present: Full Professor of Control Engineering, University of Lorraine

- 1994-2004: Associate Professor of Control Engineering, University of Lorraine

  • Education/Professional Studies:

- 2003: Habilitation à Diriger des Recherchers, University of Nancy - Title "Design of Fault Tolerant Control System: Model-based fault diagnosis and fault accommodation"

- 1993: PhD Thesis, University of Nancy - Title"Identification of nonlinear systems with multi layer neural networks"