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Ph D


Current PH. D. Students

  • October 2022: Megwe ZHANG - PhD title " UGV and UAV collaborative control for quality water measurement " in collaboration with Dr. Y. He (Shenyang Institute of Automation - Chinese Academy of Sciences - Shenyang - China)
  • September 2021: Juan VAZQUEZ  - PhD title "Fault Tolerant methods Design for a fleet of autonomous vehicules against faults/failures based on multi-agent systems " in collaboration with Dr. M. Adam Medina (CENIDET– Cuernavaca, Mexique)
  • November 2020: Manh-Hung  DO - PhD title "Observer designs for Linear Parameter-Varying (LPV) Systems" in collaboration with Dr. D. Koening (GIPSA Lab – Grenoble, France)

  • November 2020: Cesar Matinez - PhD title "Fault detection and isolation method design with reliability assessment in distributed networks" in collaboration with Dr. L. Torrez (UNAM – Mexico City, Mexico)

Past PhD Supervisions